All the Powerful Quotes You Need from Take The Lead’s Virtual Happy Hour with Gloria Steinem


I’m pretty passionate about advancing the rights and opportunities of women, so I talk about it a lot. But when you get the chance to hear longtime activist, author, and co-founder of Ms. Magazine Gloria Steinem talk with Take The Lead Co-Founder and President Gloria Feldt, you just listen – listen and learn from two trailblazers and collaborators who have gone out and made history for women, improving society on the whole.

So here are a handful of stand out quotes from Gloria Steinem below. Share them widely with the hashtag #takeleadwomen and tell us what you appreciated most about the conversation and your favorite quotes in the comments.

On women in leadership and gender equity:

“We are not crazy; the system is.”

“Young women are mad as hell because they have equal college debt, but women will earn 1 million less during their lifetime than men.”

“Gender roles are just as limiting to men; they don’t allow men or women their full humanity.”

“The voting booth is the only place where the least powerful and most powerful are equal.“

“Every course on economics in the world should start with REproduction, not production. Reproduction is that important.“

“Regardless of political party, if you look at how women have voted, it’s been for health and education, not violence.”

On #SisterCourage and collaboration:

“We’re communal creatures. We can’t operate alone. Ask for support from others. It’s a gift to the person you ask.“

“Activism is fun sometimes. It allows you to live in the moment.”

“We need to support each other and we need to keep going… We’re about to be free.”

On what to do next and how to create a better future for all:

“The biggest change is consciousness: the fact that it’s not natural or inevitable that women are inferior.“

“It’s about using your voice, asking for what you need, instilling what you want in everything you do.”

“It’s not about ‘What SHOULD I do?’ It’s ‘How can I transform what I am doing?’”

“We need to elevate the voices of women of color. We need to keep everybody visible.”

“Women can never be free as long as there is racism. Racism and sexism are totally entwined.“

“Our biggest problem is violence against women. In the US, it’s domestic violence.”

“Raise your boys to be kind.”

“We need to balance our time online by being and organizing offline with actual human beings.“

“When you’re over 60 the wild little girl you were at 9 returns… But now you can reach the light switch.”

Let’s keep these crystal clear insights top of mind since, as Gloria Feldt reminded us during the virtual happy hour: “We are at a wonderful point in history to move forward in giant steps.” The time for action is now, and we know from history that we absolutely must work together.

Be sure to pick up Gloria Steinem’s new book, My Life on the Road.