30 Women Making More than a Best-Dressed List

Yvonne Dean BaileyIowa has been the center of the political universe this week as the first caucus makes every talking point of the campaign season count,  so Fusion came out with a bold list of “30 Women Who Will Change The Election.” The series of 30 videos highlights the XX movers who move past “Washington types” and predictable party lines to create a group of dynamic change-makers.Fusion wants you to “share it with everyone you know who’s invested in seeing girls and women find their voice and take their place in shaping politics and policy in this country.”On the coveted list are Amber Thomas, the regional field coordinator of Initiative 42 for Better Schools, and Yvonne Dean-Bailey, a Republican state representative for New Hampshire who is still in her teens. She will be a guide no doubt next week when the primary is in her state.Also speaking out as young women with missions are Symone D. Sanders, the national press secretary for Bernie Sanders (no relation); Greisa Martinez, advocacy coordinator for United We Dream; Alwiyah Shariff, civic engagement director of the Ohio Student Association, and many more who aspire to make many other lists that don’t mention how they dress. Oh yes, says one of the profiled dynamos on the list expected to blow up some stereotypes, “No emojis here.”