Best 10 (or 12!) of 2015 from Take The Lead’s Blog

How many Top 10 lists can dance on the head of a pin?As 2015 disappears into the sunset, my email box and social media feeds, like yours, swarm with retrospective lists—the top 15 best books of the year, the best gender lens investing articles, the 5 best and 5 worst movies, the 22 most badass feminist tweets.You name it. Somebody has created a category and judged it.Well, I thought, why not choose Take The Lead’s Top 10, well OK 12, posts from The Movement Blog?There are so many people who believe in the cause of women’s leadership parity and we get amazing contributions from them for our blog articles.Justices Ginsburg and O'Connor in 2010I quickly realized it’s a formidable, possibly impossible, task to choose the best. Instead, I’ll take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have contributed and try to select a cross section. Taken collectively, these are either a leadership primer or a refresher course.Apologies if I missed you—feel free to comment below with a link to your post and send a raspberry my way.Except for the first one, they are in no particular order—please enjoy, and if you are so moved, share:

All in all 2015 was a great year with so much content worth reading on The Movement Blog. And 2016 promises to continue apace, thanks to all of you wonderful contributors. Thank you again for your thought leadership.If you have something you’re burning to say here about women and leadership—contact blog editor Nishita Tamuly.