Campus Hack For Good: Earn #ExtraCredit

credit4goodImagine if you could use Twitter to end gender inequality. Now imagine you could do that through an extra credit assignment for school. This #ExtraCredit tweet chat featuring the Take The Lead Challenge Launch Event on Feb. 19 does both. This is extra credit like you’ve never seen it before.We invite you to join us in using the power of social media for good.


Ask your instructors if they would be willing to participate!


Take The Lead in your classroom and embrace a new kind of learning.This tweet chat provides an opportunity to…

  • Learn how to go from PROBLEMS to SOLUTIONS when it comes to gaining leadership parity for women
  • PROFESSIONALLY NETWORK with powerful young women from all over the country (and the world!)
  • Apply what you already know about social media and use those skills to BUILD A MOVEMENT necessary to propel women to leadership parity

The best part? You get all that without even leaving your desk.That’s the power of social media.All you need to do to participate is follow this simple 3-step process (after your instructor approves this social good assignment of course!):Step 1: Use the HASHTAG #Credit4Good as you live tweet as you watch the free livestream of the Challenge launch event on February 19th so that your Tweets will be included in the conversationStep 2: TAKE SCREENSHOTS of your Tweets for the night as proof of your virtual attendanceStep 3: After the event, PRINT OUT the screenshots of your Tweets and turn them in!Sounds a lot better than writing a paper doesn’t it?

Grab Your Free Digital Ticket for the Take The Lead Challenge Launch Event