Get a Mentor, Be a Mentor with Glassbreakers Take The Lead

 We all know what it means to have someone on our side. We’ve all known someone in our lives who has pushed us to new doors of opportunity, someone who has shown us perspectives we otherwise would have never seen, who has answered our questions, and helped us tap into potential we never knew was there.Anyone in particular come to mind? Chances are that you consider that “someone” to be a mentor.At Take The Lead, we believe that these someones are a key ingredient in propelling women to achieve their professional and personal goals. We also know that direct access to quality mentorship is essential to bringing about our mission of preparing, developing, inspiring, propelling women to take their fair and equal share of leadership roles by 2025.That’s why Take The Lead has partnered with Glassbreakers, a unique diversity and inclusion software company, to bring you Glassbreakers Take The Lead, an exciting new initiative for members of the Take The Lead community to connect for mentorship, leadership development, and resources.[bctt tweet=“When women mentor other women, we all rise #getamentor”]According to Glassbreakers Co-Founder and CEO Eileen Carey, Glassbreakers was started “to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.  By partnering with Take The Lead, we are able to further deliver on our vision to elevate women in the workplace by providing the tools and community necessary to build leaders.”“When I was a young Head Start teacher,” says Take The Lead Co-Founder and President, Gloria Feldt, “my boss asked me to take on several projects for which I had no experience. I bumbled through but learned from each one. That, I later realized, was mentoring. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had not been given those opportunities to grow by someone who saw more in me than I saw in myself. Getting a mentor or being a mentor is powerful, or as we say at Take The Lead—it’s a Power TO realize one’s potential.”So how does Glassbreakers Take The Lead work?It’s simple. Follow these steps to set up your profile and get matched with a peer mentor or mentee:

  1. Go to and request an invite.
  2. Once you’re approved (this should take about a day or two), you can fill out your professional and personal interests.
  3. There is also an option to connect to your LinkedIn profile so the match making algorithm can consider your location, job titles, endorsed skills, work history, education, shared hobbies, groups, languages, etc. in order to make the best introduction possible. Don’t worry, this information is kept confidential and no part of your LinkedIn profile will be altered.
  4. After a 30-day waiting period, we will connect you with your peer mentor or mentee from within the secure network of Take The Lead community members.
  5. Connect with your match! Schedule time to meet offline and start growing your professional support network.

Create your personalized profile with Glassbreakers Take The Lead and get paired with a mentor or mentee from our community of leaders.Glassbreakers Take The Lead officially launches on July 15th, so make your profile now and count down the minutes until your matches start rolling in. Whether you work in finance, design, engineering, medicine, media, legal, nonprofits, or the arts (to name a few!) this software can bring you closer to your field by broadening your professional community.To get you even more connected to the members of the Glassbreakers Take The Lead community, look for updates about the Glassbreaker of the Day. These are individual members of this remarkable community who inspire other women to embrace their power and achieve their career dreams.The Take The Lead community is powerful, diverse, curious, intelligent, generous, determined and expansive. By connecting this community through Glassbreakers Take The Lead, each individual is enabled to expand her network of relationships as either a mentor or a mentee. Make your profile today and get matched beginning July 15th because when women mentor other women, we all rise.