Gloria Feldt on Interview Forward: Lead Your Dream, Don't Follow It

gloriaIFWhen we were children, we told to “dream big,” to “follow our dreams!” But as adults, how many of us are truly living our dream life or taking the steps to ensure we reach our goals? In advance of the Take The Lead Challenge Launch Event on Feb. 19th, Interview Forward’s latest episode showcases women from different generations sharing their perspectives on how realistic it is to attain our dreams in today’s society, and how to feel confident with choices we make. Take The Lead co-founder, best-selling author, speaker, commentator, and feminist leader Gloria Feldt answers IF’s signature question—What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?—as the featured Shaker in our latest episode, Lead Your Dream. Feldt shares wisdom gleaned from her decades of triumphs, challenges, experiences, and leadership with a young millennial woman wondering if she’s making the right choices and if she’ll reach her dreams someday. Feldt’s inspiring insight is sage advice for all generations as she discusses why it is important to LEAD YOUR DREAM and how young women today are positioned to accomplish greatness while moving their generation FORWARD.Interview Forward is a web-based television series and a platform connecting generations of women. Through powerful interviews and intimate conversations, Interview Forward connects the inspirational women of today—from trailblazers in the workplace to passionate stay-at-home moms—with the young female leaders of tomorrow.

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