Jumpstart Your Career with the Close the Gap App

by Lisa GatesShe Negotiatesgapapp_testimonialsClose the Gap App™ is a powerful tool that takes you on a guided deep dive into your career path. It’s like having your very own career or business coach on your desktop or mobile device.Collaboratively designed by and author and leadership expert Gloria Feldt of Take the Lead and She Negotiates’ co-founders Lisa Gates and Victoria Pynchon, you can now close that pesky wage and leadership gap for good.You’ll start by capturing your education, experience, strengths and accomplishments, and then you’ll build on that by defining your short and longterm goals.You’ll redefine your relationship with power and learn to navigate the typical roadblocks standing in your way and chart your course as the CEO of your own life.You’ll also learn how to create career narratives or stories to help you ace your interviews and present yourself with clarity and authority.Then you’ll assess your network and support systems and build your relationships strategically with an Influence Plan.The shared goal of Take the Lead and She Negotiates is to eliminate the wage and leadership gap by 2025. With the skill-building exercises and videos in The Gap App, you won’t be waiting until 2025. In the short time it takes to complete the App you’ll research your market value, learn the necessary strategies to negotiate it, and close your wage gap now.After completing the app, you can join Take the Lead’s community of women, powered by Mightybell. So, if you’re ready to kickstart your career or business, join a brilliant community of women who are getting it done. And for 10 bucks, there is nothing standing in your way.Top kudos and credit goes to Kendra Grant of Kendra Grant Consulting who served as our Learning Architect and Project Lead, and Josh Hoover of X who built and coded the App with his head, heart and hands.Have fun, and please do email us with your feedback, questions and requests once you’ve completed the app.

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