Notice! Leadership Power Tools Webinar Postponed

I love powerWe want to thank each of you who expressed interest in Take The Lead’s first webinar series, “Gloria Feldt’s 9 Practical Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career.” We decided to postpone the webinars until July at an exact date TBD. Check back her often because you’ll be the first to know.We did this because the Boston incidents knocked the emotional wind out of our sails and the whole nation lost a couple of weeks. Sometimes you just have to stop and process things. It’s difficult for focused and driven people to do, but an important leadership skill to know when to regroup.We might need to make that the 10th Power Tool.When have you had to rethink, regroup, or change course on order to accomplish your goal? Tell us what happened and what you did about it.And please contact us here to be personally notified of the new webinar dates. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.