Oxford Nominates a Female Vice-Chancellor

Pic Alan Richardson Dundee Pix-Ar.co.uk Louise Richardson Pricipal of The University of St AndrewsA glass ceiling that is nearly 800 years old has just been broken: for the first time in its recorded history, Oxford University will be led by a woman. Professor Louise Richardson, the current principal and vice-chancellor of the University of St. Andrews, was nominated last week to become the next vice-chancellor of Oxford. She will take over from Professor Andrew Hamilton next year.Lord Patten, the head of the nominating committee, stated that Richardson was chosen for her “distinguished record both as an educational leader and as an outstanding scholar.” Originally from Ireland, Richardson holds degrees from Trinity College, Dublin, UCLA, and Harvard.In an interview about her nomination, Richardson told The Guardian, “I look forward to the day when a woman being appointed isn’t in itself news. Unfortunately, academia like most professions is pyramid-shaped—the higher up you go the fewer women there are.”Point taken, Professor Richardson—and we want the same things you do! Until then, forgive us for covering this as news; we just think the first female vice-chancellor in 297 tries is a pretty big deal