Parity Just Got PowHer-ed

PowHerNY Brand GuidesSuccess is the sum of small efforts day in and day out. And when that success has the power to affect millions of lives, it’s bigger than any tangible reward. The NYS Women’s Equality Bill, which was passed in this year’s Legislative session, was formally signed to law this Wednesday at 11 AM. The celebratory PowHer Hour was captured and streamed all across social media. Learn more about The New NYS Women’s Equality Law Primer, PowHer Play Video Series Highlighting 2015 NYS Women’s Legislation.The other Bills included in this for the Governor to sign covered the majority of pain points, common to all women across the globe. Sexual harassment, family status discrimination, pregnancy accommodation, are just a few of them.equalityPowHerNY representatives have worked, and continue working on realizing the true impact of these laws for the women in the state of New York. Their efforts have been in the direction of getting spokespeople such as politicians, experts, and advocates, to increase awareness amongst their audience.When awareness begins at a local level, it enables us to aim bigger changes. One of the successes to be accounted for is to improve the working conditions of nail salon workers. The passing of this Bill is just one small victory in the larger cause.We all talk about empowerment all the time; it’s a “trending” topic, but real power starts from within. Real people making real change in the form of advances like this is what makes me believe that there will be parity. Be the force that causes real change and show your support.