Power Is Not Just For the Old Boys Club

Are you confused by the power dynamics in your workplace? Do you absolutely dread conflict and avoid it at all costs? Are you happy in your industry but unhappy with how you are being treated in your workplace?It would be awesome if someone had a solution for you. Like a magic pill you could take that would fix the problems you are having at work. Well, Take The Lead doesn’t have a magic pill…but, what it does have is a magic online certificate course.The 9 practical Women’s Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career has helped countless women over the years to EMBRACE their power with intention, take challenges confidently, and lead authentically.TakeYourPowerSeatsAnne Kurtenbach, a Phoenix Sky Train Program Manager at Sky Harbor International Airport said that, “This course came at just the right time for me, as I found myself unsatisfied and stuck in “limbo” regarding what I wanted to do and what direction I wanted to go. While I don’t have all the answers yet, I am now equipped with a fully stocked tool box to help me move forward. I have a plan, a lot of great tips, tools and advice to help guide me through my journey.”I recently started a discussion thread in Connect: Professional Women’s Network, Powered by Citi where I asked the following question:  On a scale of 1-10, how would you define your relationship with power? (1 being you resist power in some way and 10 being you embrace power fully and without reservation)The discussion has 108 comments and rising.CindieHubiak (1)This is clearly a topic that women in the group were eager to explore.I explained to the women discussing this in the group, that if you resist power in some way, this may be exactly what’s holding you back from reaching your career goals and advancing to the next stages. I told them that Take The Lead is focused on helping women to REDEFINE their relationship with power from a POWER OVER mentality to a POWER TO standpoint:Power OVER = Forcing or denying, finite pie, makes you feel powerLESSPower TO = Solving problems, making life better, influencing, innovating, possibilities, infinite resource, makes you feel powerFULLWhen we view power as “Power TO _________” (fill in the blank – power to run for President, power to be a compassionate and effective manager, power to start my business) the possibilities for women are endless.We just received this powerFULL message from a former course participant – Meg Middleton – who explained what redefining her relationship with power did for her and her career:“I am reaching out to let you know that I got the job I told you about! I will now be working as a Manager in Market Research for General Therapeutics. Dream job happening about 3-5 years before I thought it would. Some of the interviews were tough and one guy really pressured me on whether or not I could do the job and work globally. Thanks for all of your guidance and support along the way. Take the Lead and the 9 Practical Leadership Power Tools have been critical support pieces in my career journey! The course was life changing.”VictoriaTestimonySo, now my only question is, what are YOU waiting for? Power is not just for the old boys club. Because ladies, if we are going to see leadership parity happen any time soon, we must be comfortable and confident in our own POWER TO be leaders. Sign up for the 9 practical leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career 4-week online certificate course (hurry it starts next week!) and find out what these tools can do for you in reaching your own career ambitions.Register for the course here and see what a difference some mental reframing can do for you.Take your power seats ladies! And do it for YOU.