Salesforce CEO Is a One-Man Pay-Gap-Destroying Machine

Marc Benioff, you get all the points. The CEO of the cloud computing company is personally examining the salaries of his 16,000 employees to eliminate the pay gap between men and women. When he finds evidence of a gap—get this!—he raises the woman’s salary. He’s already given out a few raises, and told The Huffington Post, “When I’m done there will be no gap.” He then tore open his shirt to reveal a superhero suit underneath. (Kidding, but he totally could have, and no one would’ve blinked.)Think Progress called Benioff’s approach a “brilliantly simple plan,” and Benioff is hoping it pays off in the form of an improved gender balance at Salesforce; right now the company’s workforce is only 29% women.Salesforce is actually among a growing number of companies systematically attacking the pay gap; in a recent Mercer study of HR tactics, 64% of the companies surveyed said they have a team for analyzing salary differences between men and women. The same study found that having such a team is one of two company tactics linked to improved gender diversity. (The other is having leaders and men actively involved in diversity teams.)