Self-Employed Gap: Women’s Biz Worth 33% of Men’s

business-1067978_1280It’s time to not only bridge but fill the gender gap in the world of small business. Male self-starters earn 300 times more in their businesses than women do in their own businesses, according to a new report out last week from the non-profit Corporation for Enterprise Development out of Washington, D.C. The study measured growth of small businesses from 2007 to 2013 and studied a variety of factors affecting economic growth, prosperity and equity.

Using “130 policy and outcome measures of financial security,” the Assets & Opportunity Scorecard revealed that one database showed women at a deficit, posting an average of $239,500 on receipts, compared to men, who brought in receipts of $726,000. In a Fortune story about the report, Elaine Pofeldt writes: “With more and more Americans operating solo businesses, the most valuable support will go beyond feel-good encouragement and help them gain the know-how that will allow them to thrive.” Now that the Great Recession is past, offering more than a pat on the back, pull-yourself-up-by-your-ankle-boots-straps talk is what women need.