Simple Rules and Power Tools for Your Success

Today professional women face an extraordinary challenge – To compete within turbulent economic, political and social landscapes you must manage complexity, wear multiple hats and be the master of numerous business disciplines. At the same time, you must maintain clarity of vision, think strategically, stay focused and productive, and remain excited about your work. As each day presents new and exciting challenges, we ask ourselves: Do I lean in or recline? Do I stretch or do I fold? Who am I, what’s important to me, and how do I want to connect with others?There are many learning and development tools that do a great job of helping people reflect on their lives and work; there are also tools that help people plan for the future. In addition, some tools are scalable so they can be applied at the individual, group, and organization level. Few tools offer all three; and one such tool is Simple Rules.simple rulesSimple Rules provide a straightforward and uncomplicated set of guidelines for living your life. They comprise what you believe and understand about yourself, offering a common focal point for who you are, what is important to you, and how you want to connect with others. Much like DNA, simple rules carry the code of your values and beliefs, shaping the patterns of your life and informing your every move. Whether you are aware of them or not, they are there influencing your choices in the moment and across time.The beauty of Simple Rules is that they offer an exciting approach to self-examination. With a short list of simple rules, you can shift easily and naturally from seeing and understanding the impact of today’s actions to identifying concrete steps for moving boldly toward greater awareness, understanding, and accomplishment. Simple Rules are about the commitments you make to yourself, taking responsibility for yourself, and acting on behalf of your own success.One of the best examples I have come across of Simple Rules is the 9 Leadership Power Tools created by Gloria Feldt, and supported by the Take The Lead Movement. These tools are grounded in the theory and practice of women claiming and taking charge of your own power. Each tool allows women to recognize their own skills, build their own capacity, and crack the code of leadership. And these simple Power Tools are accessible and available to everyone.womens conf 2015Take a look and see what you think. Perhaps some or all of these Power Tools will morph into your own short list of simple rules so you, too, can reach your goals and be your own best self.Mallary’s Simple Rules:

  • Know yourself
  • Stand up and act with intention
  • Be kind and just
  • Connect with the individual, the whole, and the greater whole
  • Search for integrity, peace, opportunity, and laughter

Yes, I know that simple is not the same as easy; but how many things that are worthwhile are easy? Isn’t it time for you to take charge of your personal and professional growth and success, while creating the best environment for yourself and others? Simple Rules is the place to start, guiding your steps and lighting the path before you.