How To Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Do you know HowTo envision? HowTo build? HowTo scale, build alliances, understand data, grow a team? And above all: HowTo succeed?The Women 2.0 HotTo conference is jam packed with “high-impact speakers ready to share their stories and successes, panels sharing insight into real-world strategies, and mentorship sessions offering real-time coaching.”Some of the featured speakers include: Kathy Savitt the Chief Marketing Officer at Yahoo!; Jocelyn Goldfein the former Director of Engineering at Facebook; and Yoky Matsuoka the VP of Nest Labs (Acquired by Google) – to name a few.The HowTo is two full days of “tech insight and expertise for tech professionals, investors, executives, designers, marketers, engineers, or anyone with an entrepreneurial dream.”Get pumped for the conference by watching these clips from Jocelyn Goldfein and Yoky Matsuoka – two women who are fearlessly taking the lead – they may just inspire you to attend!“I never took computer science in high school, I didn’t think about it seriously as a career, but when I got to college I thought, ‘that might be too hard for me, that might be the hardest thing on my list. So, I guess I’ll try it first and see.”- Jocelyn Goldfein, former Director of Engineering at Facebook“When I look back, I was rushing to get to where I am or where I thought I was getting to. And when I was 18 I thought ‘when I’m 22 I have to be perfect.’ But now where I am and how long it’s taken and how many chapters I’ve walked through I realize I should not have rushed so much.”- Yoky Matsuoka, VP of Nest LabsSo if you’re ready to take the leap into the next chapter of your career and expanding your dreams into reality, you still have time to get the Innovation Hall ONLY Ticket:How-To-Conference