Take The Lead Announces $50,000 Gift from Dr. Nancy O'Reilly

I am thrilled and grateful to join Dr. Nancy O’Reilly in announcing her extraordinary gift to Take The Lead. As you will read in the announcement below, this gift will enable two key actions congruent with Take The Lead’s mission and strategy for reaching leadership parity by 2025.

First, it enables us to conduct our third Train the Trainer to multiply the capability to deliver our signature workshop, 9 Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career. This teaching cracks the code that has held women back from aspiring to and getting leadership roles for which they are qualified.Second, it models collaboration, a core value we share. As time goes on, we will say more about this and other exciting plans to enable women to thrive and achieve to their fullest potential. Meanwhile, please join me in a resounding, “Thank you, Dr. Nancy!”~GloriaDr. Nancy’s announcement is reprinted below:Donation to Provide Take The Lead Training for Experienced PresentersLeading Women authorsI don’t know about you, but I’m tired of waiting for women to step into their fair and equal share of power. It’s taking far too long for women to rise. Even though we’re more than half the population, we’re still stuck at around 18 percent of top leadership positions in business and politics. That’s not nearly enough. Think of all the talented, amazing women who are left out of the leadership of the world. It’s time to give them the opportunities they deserve to make a difference.That’s why I recently donated $50,000 to Take The Lead Women, whose mission is to prepare, develop, inspire, and propel women to take their fair and equal share of leadership across all sectors by 2025. I’m sponsoring a Train the Trainer workshop in Santa Barbara in January 2016 for my co-authors of Leading Women and other successful, experienced leader-trainers. Workshop graduates will become certified to teach Gloria Feldt’s core “9 Leadership Power Tools” curriculum in addition to their own material.Women Ready to Change Relationship with PowerWhen women truly understand and embrace Gloria’s Power Tools, they change their relationship with power. They lose their fear of claiming and using their power to make positive change in the world. That’s what I want for all women everywhere. As more professional trainers become certified to teach these transformative principles, the movement will expand to include exponentially greater numbers of women and men. That’s 70 years earlier than the World Economic Forum predicts! Please join me in the women’s movement for today to make this happen!11230112_720710524708040_8831881620541749267_nWe announced my gift at a Take The Lead Presents event in New York City in July. Actress Kathleen Turner (now THERE’S an empowered woman!) spoke on “The Power of a Woman’s Voice” and I was delighted to be in the presence of so many smart amazing women. Together, we can quickly bring women to parity.The missions of Take The Lead Women and Women Connect 4 Good are completely aligned. My foundation has always worked to educate women to advance in their careers, improve relationships, mentor other women, and conduct research and publish results. Going forward, we plan to do all of those things together. We are working out the details of how our two organizations will collaborate to advance women to leadership parity by 2025. Watch for more announcements of this collaboration as we move forward.~Dr. Nancy