We are thrilled to announce the launch of TAKE THE LEAD THIS WEEK, with news, advice, and inspiration to advance women’s leadership.Why start a weekly newsletter about women’s leadership? Because we know there are millions of people out there who care about this issue. We also know most of those people are very busy. To keep you updated on the progress of our movement, every Tuesday TAKE THE LEAD THIS WEEK will get you up to speed in five minutes or less, with a roundup of headlines about women in the workplace and our picks of the web’s best articles to help you advance your career.We want to get to gender parity in leadership roles by 2025, not 2095 as the World Economic Forum predicts. We’re hoping TAKE THE LEAD THIS WEEK can help boost us towards that goal, one week at a time.Our first edition features Virgin founder Richard Branson’s call for men to support women in the workplace, media chatter about a female Daily Show host, and articles from DailyWorth and InPower Women.Catch up on the first edition here, sign up to get TAKE THE LEAD THIS WEEK delivered to your inbox every Tuesday, and tell your friends!#25not95we can do it together.