Thank You - Take The Lead Launch Video

Thank you!

Thank you sponsors, participants, speakers, partner organizations, volunteers, and staff. You took the challenge. You launched Take The Lead.

From the roar of the packed 3000-seat auditorium, to 500,000 livestream viewers, to trending globally on twitter when Morgan Stanley Managing Director Carla Harris shared her “Carla’s Pearls” and had us all singing “Expect to Win”...To Arizona State University president Michael Crow doing his dinosaur shuffle across the stage-you have to watch the video…To Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and author of the blockbuster Lean In inspiring us to “Reach high, believe in yourselves, and Take The Lead”...“What we see in the media tells us what we want to be.”- Julie Burton 

To MSNBC host Karen Finney describing the distinguished Ambassador Barbara Barrett as “badass” and deftly moderating an important panel on the impact of media on women’s leadership…And Alberto Rios, AZ Poet Laureate musing: “As a man, it turns out I am half woman on my mother’s side.”

As men get more successful and powerful, we like them more. As a woman gets more successful, we like her less. But we can change that.  
-Sheryl Sandberg

We looked the challenges women face squarely in the eye and put a stake in the ground to reach leadership parity by 2025.For as Take The Lead co-founder and chair Amy Litzenberger said, “One woman can change her life; together we can change the world.“And we set about changing it. The student group Woman as Hero joined us onstage to release theClose the Gap App: Take The Lead’s DIY Kit to Close Your Leadership and Pay Gap.  Co-developed with partner organization She Negotiates, it’s just one example of how Take The Lead is changing the narrative from problems to solutions.My personal favorite moment was when a young woman grabbed my hands afterward and said, “I’m not afraid any more.”

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Revel in the event photos. Send us yours if you haven’t already. Watch the full video of the Take The Lead Challenge Launch.Most important, know this was just the launch. Now the real work begins. Share this newsletter with your friends and urge them to join you. Sign up for our learning programs. Contribute to help us give all women the resources they need to Take The Lead in their own lives.Thank you again, and I look forward to our parity party in 2025,  Gloria FeldtCo-founder and PresidentTake The Lead