A Title I'm Proud Of

In life we all have many titles, whether they be student, employee, friend, child. Society tends to judge us based on the titles we hold. If you’re the CEO, it’s assumed you’re living a life where you’re well off and you don’t have a care in the world. If you have a low-income job it’s assumed you didn’t go to college. If you’re a college athlete, it’s assumed you’re arrogant. If you’re a supporter of equal rights, it’s assumed you’re homosexual. If you’re a woman, it’s assumed you’re not and never will be equal to men. And if you’re a feminist, you automatically hate men.FeminismMarch 8th was International Women’s Day, and I took it as a day to express what a feminist really is. Too many people fear the word feminist, or are afraid to embrace the title. Women especially are afraid to embrace the title of feminist, because it is known that you will be looked at in a different light. Although there are radical feminists who feel that in order for women to get equality they must break down the men in the world, that’s not the only form of a feminist. I associate myself with being a liberal feminist, meaning I think everyone was born equally and deserves the same rights. I wear many titles in my life, but perhaps the one I wear most proudly is that of a feminist.So why am I a feminist? Even though I shouldn’t have to explain, I will. Our patriarchal society is intended to intimidate women and I refuse to be a victim. Every woman and I deserve the same rights as any man in this world. So hell yes, I am a feminist. Need more explanation as to why? Because we all work the same jobs and the same hours, with the same determination and work ethic. Because we all deserve to live a life without fear, a life without worrying about being a statistic. Because we all deserve to be able to walk to our car in the dark without fear of being attacked, raped, or left for dead. Because we all deserve to be able to dress nicely and not worry about being hit on or taken advantage of. Because we all deserve to be respected.When you wear the title of being a woman, you need to understand that you also hold the title of being an underdog. So use this to your advantage: fight like the underdog, finish like the champion. In recognition of International Women’s Day, I urge all women to embrace the titles they hold. Embrace the strength within each title, especially the one of being a woman. The power for change is based on how much you’re willing to fight for. Your title is far stronger than you think.I am a feminist; I wear the title proudly. Happy International Women’s Day!

 Reposted with the author’s permission from www.kristinakonrad.wordpress.com.