Today, I'm Leading My Dreams

Gloria Feldt’s 9 Practical Women’s Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career Online Course is one not to miss!. This is truly an incredible opportunity to learn from a genuine feminist activist and leader.I needed a change and I was at a fork in the road of life. Thanks to Gloria’s 9 Practical Women’s Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career Online Course, I felt empowered to take the road less traveled. I decided to join her Army of Women who would make the most critical decision, to help women in the field where they are most needed: political office. After spending time in other careers that no longer seemed to fit, it was now time to enter the political sphere; time to lead my dreams!I enjoyed how the course was organized, the topics presented, as well as the collegiality of fellow students from all over the world. Speakers who chatted with us weekly on many issues, were experts in their field.Gloria’s book “No Excuses” was truly the blueprint for taking action. Here are Gloria’s 9 Practical Women’s Leadership Power Tools that led to my empowerment:#1 Know Your History: I grew up in a small town in Arizona for 35 years. I know my history and the history of my city. I have a broad education and experiences to draw upon in the political realm.#2 Define Your Own Terms: I decided to refer to myself as an economist and politician. Interestingly, people viewed me now in this light as opposed to previous titles I’ve held. You define who you are to others.#3 Use What You’ve Got: I decided to launch a political career by running for the City Council. I want to be elected by the people I know best before aspiring to anything higher. A campaign on my own turf.#4 Embrace The Controversy: I reached out to my constituents to gather information as to their opinions on a variety of issues facing the city regarding amendments to the City’s General Plan via re-zoning (Highly emotional issues).#5 Carpe The Chaos: I took advantage of City Council Meetings to voice the opinions of the people as well as using meetings as a forum to launch my campaign and be visible as well as heard publicly.#6 Wear The Shirt: I dressed the part at all meetings expected of a political candidate even if I wasn’t yet officially running. I also had t-shirts printed with my name and office for my campaign.#7 Create A Movement: I networked at luncheons and meetings with other candidates for other offices while encouraging women to run for the City Council in the next election. Seek a mentor, be a mentor.#8 Employ Every Medium: I made phone calls, passed out business cards, printed campaign signs and brochures, advertised in local newspapers and popular magazines. I also networked on Facebook and Linkedin.#9 Tell Your Story: I just did. A special thank you to Gloria and Take The Lead for launching my new career in politics. I hope it is long-lived!Now it’s your turn. Sign up for the life-changing 9 Practical Women’s Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career Online Course today!Best,Kerry GiangobbeCandidate For The City Council, Litchfield Park, Arizona