Who Runs The World: Powerful Women Leaders Fierce Since Middle Ages

queen phillipaIt turns out that many, many centuries ago the ruling queens of Europe in the Middle Ages were not just sitting pretty next to their powerful reigning husbands. According to research from New York University, the ladies were not just waiting around, but declaring war at times.The “queens may have fought more wars to signal they were strong, regardless of their actual capacity,” according to the historians.What does that have to do with 21st century female leaders of companies, corporations, non-profits and more? The contemporary stereotype of women in the workplace as passive peacemakers may be pure myth. Women leaders today have hundreds of years of examples of fierce leadership to emulate. Being powerful leaders is part of our historic legacy.Atlantic magazine noted that ruling women were as likely as men to be hawks on the prowl for prey as they were to be peace-loving doves. And there was more gender equality way back when than we thought, adding, “… noble wives in the Middle Ages were regarded as co-rulers of territory, alongside their husbands, and were expected to participate in both political and military affairs even when their husbands were present and available. This expectation meant that medieval noblewomen had the opportunity to develop a personal ruling style.”While that style in the way back machine included wearing crowns and many layers of clothing to keep warm in drafty castles, it also allowed for women rulers to be strong examples of queens in power, at times more likely to go to war than kings. So to brush up on the female leaders of power throughout  Medieval history, consider that Lady Godiva, Queen Phillippa and so many more could teach contemporary women in leadership that passive behavior does not always serve you best. While no one needs to wage war on the person in the next cubicle or office, handling yourself as a leader and an equal to those at the top goes a long way in creating your own personal history of solid, inspirational leadership.