WOMEN-HYPHENATED Celebrates the Many Roles of the Modern Woman

 It’s rare for a woman today to have just one title. Many of us are balancing between multiple roles: Writer. Business Owner. Chef. Mother. Volunteer. Driver. Organizer. The list goes on.In honor of its 65th anniversary, fashion brand Ellen Tracy is recognizing women’s work in the world with WOMEN-HYPHENATED, an 8-minute documentary that spotlights three professionals who embody the hyphenated life of the modern woman.Featuring Nickelodeon President Cyma Zarghami, bestselling author and radio commentator Sandra Tsing Loh, and midwife and owner of Art of Nursing Care Amy Tinney, and co-directed by actress Paula Patton, WOMEN-HYPHENATED acknowledges the challenges of a multitasking while it celebrates the freedom women have to be whoever they want to be.