Women Like You Take The Lead: Trish Millines Dziko

Take The Lead salutes women who are doing extraordinary things in their communities. We will be recognizing women as part of our Women Like You Take The Lead campaign in the weeks leading up to the Take The Lead Challenge Launch Event on February 19th. Do you know an extraordinary woman in your community? Contact us, and we might feature her!Trish Millines DzikoTrish Millines Dziko, a former manager at Microsoft, became a trailblazer in the field of IT before it came into style. After seeing very little change in the high tech industry around the underrepresentation of women and people of color, she founded the Technology Access Foundation (TAF). She traced the root of the problem to the lack of access to rigorous, relevant technology training in public school education, particularly those in traditionally underserved communities of color. TAF is a nonprofit organization that works to equip students of color for success in college and life through the power of STEM education. “We’re trying to give them the kind of skills to do any kind of job,” Trish said. “But more importantly we want them to take care of their community and be good leaders.” Before Trish started her career in technology, she landed a full basketball scholarship to Monmouth College, making her the first woman to do so. On the advice of her adviser, she majored in computer science at a time when few people of color and few women were entering the field. But that didn’t stop Trish. Now she says that she would like to “challenge every single Microsoft alumni to use that talent that got you to Microsoft to change the world in some way.”Ready to do more in your career and life in 2014? Join us and 1 million other participants on February 19th for the Take The Lead Challenge Launch Event, designed to inspire you and show you how to embrace your power and fulfill your potential. Learn more about the event and sign up for the free livestream.