Why the World Needs More Authentic (Women) Leaders

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

– Toni Morrison

I love this idea because in principle, it can apply to pretty much anything. If there’s something we want to see in the world, we need to help create it. And we each have something authentic and uniquely powerful to contribute.What do you think of when you hear the words “authentic leadership?” Maybe your definition gets all wrapped up in traditional notions of heroic leadership: one leader, being him/herself, perhaps maybe even for the good of an organization or constituency, but it’s still pretty much all about the leader. Or perhaps you think of authentic leadership in terms of successfully engaging others and producing results.At Take The Lead, we’re interested in another kind of leadership: the leader who simply (and no one’s saying it’s easy!) takes responsibility for what she cares about and wants to do, embraces power, uses her voice, makes things happen, and is true to her vision while adapting to the world around her.Authentic leadership then isn’t just about “being yourself” or effectively leading others to deliver on a company or organizational mission; it’s about bringing our own unique experience in the world to bear on what we do and how we lead. It’s about making sure work gets done that probably wouldn’t get done otherwise and perhaps even changing the way work gets done. It’s powerful stuff.Interested in learning more? Join me for one of two webcasts, May 1st or June 26th to talk authentic leadership, influence, and power. You’ll leave with a new understanding of the difference between the three and learn how you can use principles of authentic leadership to advance your career or move your projects forward, whatever your field. This will be a highly interactive discussion. Join us!

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