Elective Programs
Practical Learning, Limited Time

Our electives are ready to impact your next event—whatever your budget, schedule, or team size. Reinvigorate your commitment to gender parity in leadership with any of our short-form elective programs. We offer instructor-led workshops, keynotes, webinars and executive coaching, online and in-person, on the most relevant issues women leaders face today. Choose a topic most critical to your organization’s or your personal growth.

Gender Bilingual Communication*
(Half-day Workshop)

Set yourself apart. Clearly communicate your value in terms that can't be misunderstood. Lead with clarity and intention.

Men and women are not from different planets. It's our culture that imparts gender-specific communication styles. Women don't need to become men to succeed in leadership, women (and men) need to communicate effectively with both genders.

This fun, high-energy workshop is rich with new research and practical insights on what effective communication has to do with accelerating women's leadership and what it takes to create a better work environment for all. This course isn't just for women. Men benefit, too.

Negotiate to Close the Gap*
(Half-day Workshop)

Get what you deserve.

This workshop offers valuable skills and tools for participants to negotiate compensations, promotions, and business contracts that measure up to their full value. Participants learn to create personal strategies to achieve their due rewards professionally and personally. Contact us to learn more.

Get in touch. Let us design your blended program today.

counterintuitiveThree Counterintuitive Power Tools*
(Half-day or Full-day Workshop)

Disrupt Convention.

The things your mother said NOT to do are the very same things that got you ahead in times of change and chaos in your organization, field, or community.

In this workshop, participants will learn to articulate deeply held beliefs and values that guide their own leadership, and then how to handle controversy and address chaos in a proactive, positive, and productive way. Gain vital perspectives on how to seize the moment in your career to lead yourself and your team effectively toward better outcomes and futures. Make your big dreams a reality other people can be a part of.

Keynote PresentationKeynote Speeches*
(Designed to Fit Your Needs)

Consider Your Event Planned!

Organizing a major conference or a casual meetup? Invite a world-class Take The Lead speaker to your professional or social circle for an inspiring keynote speech. Topics include Women and Power, The Case for Gender Parity in Leadership, and What’s Next for Women Leaders.

Gloria Feldt, Co-founder and President of Take The Lead, is available for a limited number of engagements. Request Gloria or your preferred Leadership Ambassador to speak at your next event.

(60–90 Minutes Online Learnings)

Quick ways to create excitement in your team

Take The Lead offers compelling, interactive webinars based on the core concepts of our training program to motivate your team and address pain points. Based on core concepts of The 9 Leadership Power Tools and complementary electives, our training experts are fully equipped to implement a unique webinar or series tailored to you or your team. Talk to us about customizing a webinar with a Leadership Ambassador in your field today.

Executive CoachingExecutive Coaching*
(Expert Facilitation in Person)

World-Class coaches who want to see you succeed.

Many of our Leadership Ambassadors are skilled executive coaches and experts in a wide range of industries. They possess the business acumen and industry knowledge to build participants’ trust and confidence. Knowing The 9 Leadership Power Tools inside out, our Leadership Ambassadors are able to coach, engage, and motivate individuals and small groups.

*Minimum of 20 participants required.
*Discounts available for groups larger than 20, NGOs, nonprofits, and Take The Lead partners.

I took your workshop a year ago and articulated that my personal action plan goal was to become a vice president of my firm. I used the Power Tool #3 "Use What You’ve Got" to differentiate myself and demonstrate my value to the company as the co-chair of the African American affinity group, and focused the group on bringing resources to the company. Today, I was informed I am being promoted to vice president.”

Valerie Brown Allen, Senior VP, Alliance Bernstein

Participants said it was the best webinar we’ve ever had.”

Manager, Junior League

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