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Certified by , all our Leadership Ambassadors have completed a rigorous teacher training in The 9 Leadership Power Tools. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and building a movement together, our passionate trainers add industry expertise—from technology, healthcare, finance, media, arts, social justice, nonprofit, education sectors, and more—to Take The Lead’s standardized and customized offerings.

Superb Facilitators, Solutions That Fit.

Whether you’re planning a national sales event, or looking for a dynamic keynote speaker for a company retreat, Take The Lead can provide the perfect presenter for your field. Leadership Ambassadors offer superb facilitation of workshops, courses, keynotes, webinars, events or after-hour gatherings.

Everyone Wins

Individuals and organizations across the country trust our Leadership Ambassadors to offer pitch-perfect customization of The 9 Leadership Power Tools for immediate results.

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Honey Al Sayed

Early career, mid-career. Journalism, media, and arts for social change.

Lauren C. Anderson

Early career, mid-career, top executives, government, law enforcement.

Laurie Battaglia

Mid-career and top executives. Financial services. Large organizations, teams who need to build trust.

Tabby Biddle

Top executives. Media and entertainment.

Katie Boone

Early career and top executives. Nonprofits, small business owners, entrepreneurs. Social change groups.

Francesca Burack

Mid-career and top executives. Communication and organizational effectiveness.

Maggie Castrey

Early career and mid-career. Healthcare, mental healthcare, nonprofits.

Maggie Castro-Stevens

Early career, mid-career, top executives.

Lori Chillingworth

Top executives. Financial services.

Mary Collum

Mid-level career and top executives. Banking, wealth management, financial services.

Felicia Davis

Mid-career and top executives. Corporate leadership development and women in HR.

Stephanie Goodell

Early career and mid-career. Mid-market female CEOs, women-led businesses, women with significant personal obstacles to overcome.

Kristie Holmes

Early career, mid career, top executives. Higher education, human rights, healthcare.

Regina Huber

Early career, mid-career, and top executives. Diversity and inclusion.

Ariba Jahan

Early career. Women in tech, entrepreneurs, diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Patricia Jerido

Early career, mid-career, top executives. Nonprofits. Diversity and inclusion.

Jaclyn Libowitz

Top executives, nonprofits.

Jenn Manuel

Early career, mid-career, and top executives.

Lisa Mead

Top executives. Healthcare.

Yesi Morillo-Gual

Mid-career. Finance, Latina community.

Amber Nelson

Mid-career. Healthcare and financial services. Entrepreneurs, nonprofits.

Sara Nett

Early and mid-career women, public administration and policy, candidates for elected office, non-profits, entrepreneurs, diversity and inclusion, with a special focus on neurological atypicalities

Elisa Parker

Early career, mid-career, top executives. Media and entertainment, healthcare, tech, hospitality, and social change organizations.

Neeta Ragoowansi

Mid-career and top executives. Music, media, and law.

Kaitlin Rattigan

Early career. Nonprofits, social justice organizations.

Sandy Rice

Mid-career and top executives. Corporate leadership development and nonprofits.

Shalini Sardana

Early-career and mid-career. Mothers re-entering the workforce. Design and technology

Lex Schroeder

Early career and mid-career. Media, publishing, and social justice organizations. Entrepreneurs, the LGBT community.

Cristina Serrano

Early career and mid career. Financial organizations, diversity and inclusion.

Noelle Thomas

Early career and mid-career. Tech organizations, diversity and inclusion, rapidly changing professional environments

Mallary Tytel

Top executives. Nonprofits, entrepreneurs, small business owners.

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