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“I took this course a year ago and shared that my personal goal was to become a vice president of my firm. I used the power tool ‘Use what you’ve got’ to differentiate myself and demonstrate my value to the company as the co-chair of the African American affinity group… Today, I was informed I am being promoted to vice president.” –Valerie Brown, Alliance Bernstein



The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your work.


How many hours, or better yet, how much capital and undivided energy have you invested to get that degree, or that coveted promotion, or that well-deserved raise—only to find the workplace is not fair game? Only to find the road to higher management is often littered with gendered pot holes and power-speak that sometimes…okay, many times… leaves you feeling lost and left out?


How often have you had a case of the workplace blues?


The “when will everyone figure out I don’t even deserve to be in the room?” imposter blues?


Or the “I’m gonna second, triple, and quadruple guess myself so much that I’m unable to take calculated risks” blues?


Here’s what they never told you in school: upward mobility in the workplace is not simply about your work ethic or how great a team player you are. Unfortunately, there are unwritten rules to the game.


But here’s something Take the Lead wants you to know: We know the rules. We break the rules. We re-write the rules.


“In 2013/14, I had the pleasure of being in your first group for the online leadership course and I thought you might be interested to know that, following that I put myself forward and became my Law School’s Director of Teaching and Learning, and today I had an interview for and was selected as the School’s interim Head of School (I think known as Dean in the US). I would like to thank you for your inspiration and mentoring in women’s leadership, and for the confidence and tools that you have provided me with to apply for these posts and develop the skills necessary for them.” Claudina Richards, School of Law, University of East Anglia


We begin with three simple questions:

  • Is your work progression in alignment with your work ethic?
  • Are you on track this year to exceed your professional goals?
  • Are you regularly evaluating and optimizing your career track?


Here’s a scary statistic: women are 33% more likely to have a college degree than men, and yet make up under 20% of top leadership positions across all sectors.


Yes, you read that right.


Across. All. Sectors.


So most likely, your answers to our three simple questions are: No, no, and kinda.


While you may have great credentials, strategy and intention are often far more important than anything else.


At Take the Lead, we want you to shift from being an operator trying to climb the ladder to a game changing, boundary breaker.


Because only boundary breakers shatter glass ceilings. Only game changers are recognized as indispensable leaders within a team and organization. Curious to know more? Click the button below to download our sample power-journal (aka a slice of self-aware heaven).




“I can now pinpoint exactly where I am in the continuum of embracing my power, leadership, and professional growth. This course broke it down for me… where I have been, where I am, and how I’m getting to where I want to be.” –Lisette Flores, Attorney and Activist



Take the Lead’s Power to Lead: 9 Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career is a four week self-paced, self-study online course for early to mid career women led by feminist pioneer and national icon, Gloria Feldt.


Gloria Feldt grew up in rural Texas, married her high school sweetheart and by 20 had had three beautiful children. There were many obstacles, but bit by bit she turned fear into power allowing her to become CEO of a large national organization.


Gloria is now a best-selling author and is constantly recognized for her contributions including being listed in Forbes 40 under 40. Gloria is a fearless leader on a mission to propel you to hold high aspirations and offer no excuses.


With Gloria Feldt’s wisdom and no excuse attitude, as well as her proven 9 Leadership Power Tools, you will identify the chokeholds that could be preventing you from upward mobility and you’ll discover the solutions to close those gaps.


By breaking out of the traditional notion of power, you will create a more cohesive and more powerful self-leadership strategy that is not only more holistic, but more efficient, and ultimately, more effective.



With Power to Lead: 9 Leadership Power Tools to Advance your Career, you will:

Develop a life changing paradigm shift around power

Boost company culture

Maximize productivity

Master the skills of influence

Live an unlimited life


“The course content really provided me with a kick start about making my career goals a priority in order to keep balance, positivity and forward movement into a career path that will sustain happiness for me and my family.  The way in which we were afforded the opportunity to collaborate with participants across the United States from all disciplines of employment was energizing and encouraging. As I shared on our week 5 call, I was sad to see the class end. The weeks went very quickly and the mentoring we received from both Lisa and Gloria was a class act! Asking us to complete a Strategic Leadership Action Plan was a very intentional activity that many of us would never take the time to do. We will have this resource to use as we move through various stages of our careers.”–Rachael Scheffler, Director of Development, Reading Hospital Foundation


You’re doing the work…this we know already. But there’s more happening behind the scenes: power is at play.


And that’s why you’re here.


That’s why you’re ready to invest REAL hours and real dollars trying to become self-aware.


Because you’re ready to up-level. You’re ready to grow and align your intention and self-strategy around Power to Lead’s 9 Leadership Power Tools.


You’re ready to transform your life from the inside out.

Download our Power-Journal below for a sample of our online course content…Or better yet, register for the e-course here.



“I was ready to throw the towel in. I was stuck in ‘what I felt’ was middle management. The penny dropped during your session. Why did I assume that they can guess what I want just because I have shown them what I can do? After [your course], I scheduled meetings with the Head of IT, Head of Transformation and our Chief Operating Officer. I reminded them that I did not join the company as a junior developer and made it to where I am, and that I needed to move up the next level. The discussions were great. I found out that management did think I very much deserved the promotions and would work towards those opportunities. And in one case, I was even a successor for one of their jobs. I knew they would not hand me a promotion just because, so I took the opportunity to initiate the discussions on leading key initiatives...Power tool – 1, 2, 3 & 4. So empowering!”  International Women’s Forum Fellow in the banking industry


Q: How much time do I need to plan to spend on the course?


A: That’s up how much you want to get out of the course—on average participants spend 4-6 hours per week on the readings, videos, and exercises. (I provide lots of “extras” and optional resources for those who want to dig deeper.)


Q: Will I have access to the course materials after it ends, in case I don’t finish it in time or if I want to refer back to it?


A: Absolutely! You will have access to all course materials for 6 months.


Q: I travel and sometimes my work keeps me busy at uncertain times. Will I still be able to participate in the course if those last minute pressures come up?


A: No problem. This course is entirely on line and self paced. You do it on your own time and wherever you are. If you fall behind on a lesson, you can always come back to it. If you don’t finish in 4 weeks, you will have a bonus 5th week where I continue to monitor our FB page for questions and even after the 5th week, you will have access to the course material to complete as you are able. Plus all the FB live sessions will be right there on our page so you can watch any you miss when you have time. Course content is as flexible as possible so you can get the full benefit of the course no matter what.


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