9 Leadership Power Tools to Accelerate Your Career Online Course


Learn Anywhere, Anytime. At Your Own Pace.

Coming soon: A complete 12-module course covering all 9 Leadership Power Tools and power concepts, this online training program provides you with the opportunity to learn on your own schedule and come away with a Strategic Leadership Action Plan and a certificate to add to your resume. 

Are you tired of being passed over for positions you know you are well-qualified for? Are you in a life transition or unsure of what you want your next step to be?  Don’t have time to commit to an in-person course? Catapult yourself into leadership with this effective all-in-one-place solution to getting clarity on your intentions, not to mention the pay and promotions you deserve.  

As you advance through each step, participate in skill-building exercises, collaborations and the sharing of experiences to build mutual support that will sustain and propel you toward your career goals. You’ll have lifetime access to the course. 

Plus, build meaningful relationships and have discussions with the other amazing women in the course inside your private Facebook community. And if you want to add coaching or the opportunity to engage in masterminds with Take The Lead cofounder Gloria Feldt, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your package to suit your needs. 

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