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When You See A Chance To Advance Your Career, Will You Fight or Flee?

It all starts with how we perceive our own value and power as women and how we activate that value and power, says Feldt: “Boys are socialized from the moment of birth [to] know the world is [their] oyster. Whereas girls are still socialized to think first about what other people think about them. That puts the locus of power outside of yourself.” Women can lead the way by redefining what power means, says Feldt.
(forbes.com / Article by Lauren Schiller )

Why Working Parents Should Add "Raising A Kid" To Their Resumes

I'm getting tired of the modern work-life conversation—including the "can women have it all?" question—because so much of it is self-defeating. That's because it often starts from the premise that we either need to choose between being good parents and being good workers or else have to make strategic sacrifices in order to keep both sides of that equation properly "integrated" or in "balance."
(Fastcompany.com / Article by Gloria Feldt)

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