Mission: TAKE THE LEAD prepares, develops, inspires and propels women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors by 2025. It’s today’s women’s movement — a unique catalyst for women to embrace power and reach leadership parity.

Close the Gap App™

The Close the Gap App™ is an online interactive tool developed by Take The Lead and She Negotiates to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you intend to move into management, get a raise or investor,  run the PTA or run for office, the Gap App takes your education, skills, and experience and helps you determine then negotiate the next steps on your career path. After completing the app, you can join Take the Lead’s community of women on Mightybell. If you are ready to kickstart your career or business, then get started today!

9 Practical Leadership Power Tools To Advance Your Career

9 power tools courseAre you considering your next career move? Want to advance faster in leadership or compensation? Puzzled by power politics in the office? Accelerate your career and uptick your leadership skills, and earn a certificate with this innovative, four-week program taught by Take The Lead President Gloria Feldt featuring nine practical women’s leadership “Power Tools.” Online. Current course registration is closed. Interested in getting advance notice for the next time this course is taught? Send us a message and we'll keep you posted.

The Movement Blog

How Do You Develop a Thick Skin?

A recent study reinforces something I’ve learned the long, hard way: that to succeed in the workplace, we women need to desensitize ourselves to criticism and develop a thick skin because, inevitably, negative comments are going to come our way. The study, conducted by linguist K
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Getting Yourself Unstuck

The ups and downs of navigating the workforce can be difficult. More so if you are on the hunt for that dream job when you feel completely stuck by your current position and are unsure where to start. We all have these questions at some point in our careers. When to move on? Is t
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How “Play Like a Girl” Went From Epithet to Compliment

I’ve never been to a professional hockey game nor wanted to. I stay far away from sports bars. But I do resonate with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky whose pithy leadership advice is, “Don’t skate to where the hockey puck is. Skate to where the hockey puck is going.
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How To Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Do you know HowTo envision? HowTo build? HowTo scale, build alliances, understand data, grow a team? And above all: HowTo succeed? The Women 2.0 HotTo conference is jam packed with “high-impact speakers ready to share their stories and successes, panels sharing insight into real-
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