Partner For Parity

We’re in this together! Take The Lead’s partnerships create unparalleled opportunities for you to increase your visibility, reach and advocacy footprint while fulfilling mutual business goals. Make your sponsorship dollars more impactful by helping build a leadership pipeline filled with phenomenal women.

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Tap into the power of Take The Lead’s broad appeal. Sponsor a program, event or training and instantly reach a network of 100,000-plus social media followers and newsletter subscribers. Every offering is promoted through extensive social media, a far-reaching website, and targeted email campaigns — rebroadcast through the networks of Take The Lead collaborators and contributors. Also, content is readily available for viewing on demand, giving it (and its sponsors) a long life cycle. Sponsor or underwrite one or more existing programs, or, partner with us to develop custom sponsorship opportunities for tailored women’s leadership programs and events. Get in touch and discover the benefits.

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Collaboration is a core value for Take The Lead and the big mission we share with every organization committed to gender parity. If your organization is aligned in values and goals, let’s talk to see how best to leverage resources and find mutually beneficial ways to achieve our respective goals.



Do you have a passion for women’s leadership, love to teach or coach (plus you’re really good at it), and want to get paid for it? Then become a Take The Lead Leadership Ambassador. Contact us to discuss whether this is a fit for you and the benefits of being a Leadership Ambassador.