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Take The Lead’s core team of trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and activists includes a diverse board of directors; staff, advisors, and Leadership Ambassadors all committed to leadership parity. Learn more here.


Take The Lead is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that thinks like an entrepreneurial start up. Because we have set the ambitious intention of gender parity in leadership by #25not95, our scaling up strategy is collaboration. We believe that just as power is an infinite resource, when it comes to accelerating women’s leadership, the more there is, the more there is. We partner with a wide variety of nonprofit, academic, and for-profit organizations and generous funders. See more here. Missed our launch event? Watch it here.


How Is Take The Lead Different?

There are many excellent leadership organizations. Yet we are different in important ways. Together these unique strategies create the breakthrough from where women have been stalled at 18-20% of top leadership positions for two decades. Here’s why our program works:

  • It’s comprehensive.
  • it cracks the code holding women back by transforming their relationship with power and intention.
  • it’s collaborative with other programs
  • It teaches women how to change systems as well as how to succeed in the world as it is.
  • It puts a stake in the ground to reach gender parity in leadership across all sectors by 2025, and counts up to progress.
  • it focuses on solutions not problems.

And here’s how Take The Lead delivers results:


We PREPARE women for success by teaching them the 9 Women’s Leadership Power Tools to advance their careers and honing their skills through our learning programs.


We DEVELOP networks of professional women in person and online, fostering connections and mentoring that are essential to building a movement.


We INSPIRE women to have big intentions and reach for their full potential at our Take The Lead Presents live events.


We PROPEL women to leadership parity by thought leadership focusing on solutions in our blognewsletter, and research, and by #SisterCourage movement building.

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