Ariba Jahan


Early career. Women in tech, entrepreneurs, diversity and inclusion initiatives.

New York, NY

Profile Highlights:
Ariba Jahan is Director of Innovation at The Ad Council, where she works with NGOs and philanthropic organizations, governmental agencies as well as educational and digital media fulfillment companies. She leads projects from research and UX strategy to product launch, test, and learnings-based iterations. Ariba has worked at Vizalytics as the Product Lead and at the Lean Startup Machine as the Operations Lead. With a background in biomechanical engineering and medicine, she’s presented research at national conferences in neural engineering, cardiothoracic surgery, and orthopaedic surgery with a focus on patient driven product improvements and developments. Ariba gravitates towards opportunities where she is able to apply her scientific methodologies into product development, data analytics, and user based learnings. She is a mentor to NYC high school girls and is passionate about encouraging young women to enter the STEM fields. She spends her time knitting, reading, weight lifting, and cooking.