Close The Gap App™

Now you can power up on the go! Prepare to close your own wage and leadership gap with the Close The Gap App, a powerful tool that takes you on a guided deep dive into how to negotiate—pretty much anything. It’s like having your very own career or business coach at your fingertips.

“Thanks to you, I helped close the gap this week! I just launched my virtual corporate training business and met a man who has a complimentary business. We decided to do a joint venture to go after some gov't contracts. He's a successful business man with lots of important contacts, a former navy seal, and a lawyer. He drew up the paperwork for the joint venture, but left the part of the monetary split blank. My first impulse was to give him the lion's share, but I thought about what I learned from y'all and instead I said, "You need me. I need you. A 50/50 split seems fair." He readily agreed, and we signed the papers. :) I downloaded your app, tweeted and FB posted about it. Thanks for what you are doing. Know that I will be spreading the word, and doing my part to help close the gap by 2025.” 

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