The 9 Leadership Power Tools
Learn to Lead the Unlimited Life

Catapult women into leadership with an effective all-in-one solution. Developed by , The 9 Leadership Power Tools are rooted in a sophisticated concept of power. Embraced with intention, women shift from the outdated, oppressive “Power Over” to the expansive, positive and innovative “Power To.” Crack the code that has held women back from leadership parity. The 9 Leadership Power Tools give women immediately usable ways to navigate the world as it is, while leading the changes that need to be.

The 9 Leadership Power Tools at a Glance

  1. Know your History

    And you can create the future of your choice

  2. Define Your Own Terms—First, Before Anyone Else Does.

    Whoever sets the terms of the debate usually wins. By redefining power not as “Power-Over”, but as “Power-To” we shift from a culture of oppression to a culture of positive intention to make things better for everyone. “Power-To” is leadership.

  3. Use What You’ve Got

    What you need is almost always there. See it and use it with courage. Because power unused is power useless.

  4. Embrace Controversy

    It gives you a platform. Nudges you to clarity. It’s your teacher, your source of strength, your friend, especially if you are trying to make a change.

  5. Carpe the Chaos

    Change creates chaos. Today’s changing gender roles and economic turbulence may feel chaotic and confusing. But chaos also means boundaries become more fluid. That’s when people are open to new ways of thinking, to innovation, and to new roles for women. Carpe the chaos, for in chaos is opportunity.

  6. Wear the Shirt (of Your Convictions)

    What are your core values? What’s your vision? How can you make it happen? Stand in your power and realize your intentions.

  7. Take Action; Create a Movement

    Things don’t just happen. People make them happen in a systematic way. And you can change systems. Apply the three movement building principles of Sister Courage (be a sister, act with courage, put them together to create a PLAN) and you will realize your vision at work, at home, or in public life.

  8. Employ Every Medium

    Use personal, social, and traditional media every step of the way. Use the medium of your own voice. And think of each of the power tools as a medium to be pressed into the service of your “Power-To”.

  9. Tell Your Story

    Your story is your truth. Your truth is your power. Telling your story authentically helps you lead (not follow) your dreams and have an unlimited life.

Core Programs

Immerse in Your Power with In-Depth Studies

Make your company known as a champion of women’s leadership. Dive into The 9 Leadership Power Tools proven to advance gender parity in leadership in corporations, government organizations, nonprofits, and across your field.

Whether you’re planning your next team event or HR event, conference, or networking event, we offer a variety of ready-to-use formats. Short or long-form workshops, online, offline or blended formats, choose the best option to meet individual or organizational goals.

Elective Programs

Succeed Every Day with Select Topics

Want to learn a bit about The 9 Leadership Power Tools before committing to our core program? Looking to develop employees in your organization in a specific way? We offer select topics that focus on the most relevant issues women in leadership face today.

Evolve organizational culture and cultivate individual leadership with our bite-sized enrichments.

Advance Every Level
Early Career. Mid-Career. Top Leadership.

Our Training Continuum Meets Multiple Goals.

Whether you’re a HR officer looking to develop more leaders in your organization, or looking for diversion and inclusion program for your team, or an individual taking charge of your own personal growth, we offer a full range of ready-to-use leadership training solutions, proven to make the breakthrough difference in any career trajectory and create results.

Early Career Help talented beginners set big intentions. Call it head start to the board room.
Mid-Career Retain your top talent among seasoned staff. Attract new excellent women leaders. Reinvigorate your commitment to gender parity in leadership.
Top Executives Take your top-tier higher. Diversify your C-suite or leadership team.

Benefits of The 9 Leadership Power Tools
Modular. Flexible. Ready to Use.

Designed by Leaders, for Leaders.
Originated by Gloria Feldt, The 9 Leadership Power Tools are proven to accelerate women into leadership. Modular by design, our ready-to-use curriculum easily adapts into core and elective packs to suit every goal, budget and schedule.

Rewrite the Script. Play the Lead.
Through standard or customized options, our online, in-person, or hybrid courses impart a new definition of power. Learn to break ingrained cultural barriers, internal and external. Embrace the power within.

Instantly Accelerate.
Realize your best intentions with Strategic Leadership Action Plans. Take women’s individual careers upward or and the organization forward Take women’s careers upward and the organization forward.

Take The Lead Accelerates Leadership Across All Sectors

Praise for The 9 Leadership Power Tools

Life changing.”

The best workshop I’ve taken.”

Changing the power paradigm helped me see I am ready after all, and I have a responsibility to embrace my power for good.

The Strategic Leadership Action Plan helped me break down and map out my vision, goal, and concrete next steps. It is a process/template I am excited to apply regularly.”

Attendees in the core training program when offered at The Omega Institute

I'm not afraid anymore.”

An aspiring entrepreneur

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