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Women's Equality Day Elevate Your Career e-Store

To celebrate "Women's Equality Day" (August 26th) and to help you elevate your career to the next level, Take The Lead is opening an online "store" with 6 business-related packages.

With these amazing packages, you and your colleagues can Take The Lead and get one step closer to equality. 

The packages are:

    a - Victoria Pynchon's salary/career negotiation package - value $2500 (Starting bid fee $1,000)

    b - Financial Planning Session with Eve Ellis - value $1000 (Starting bid fee $400)

    c - Take the Lead 1/2 Day workshop - value $10,000 (Starting bid fee $4,000)

    d - Take the Lead Full Day workshop - value $20,000 (Starting bid fee $8,000)

    e - Alala event package No 2 - value $1,000 (Starting bid fee $400)

    f - One Year to Ellevate Network/Professional Development membership - value $250 (Starting bid fee $100)