Felicia Davis


Mid-career and top executives. Corporate leadership development and women in HR.

Phoenix, AZ

Profile Highlights:
Felicia Davis is a former HR Executive with 20+ years of leadership experience. Her knowledge, skills and expertise have been leveraged by companies such as Kodak, NCR, Manpower, Vistage, T-Mobile, and The City of Phoenix. As CEO of Joyful Transformations, Felicia is an award-winning leadership consultant, speaker, and author. Known for her ability to discover the untapped potential others, Felicia helps women become value-driven thought-leaders with impeccable communication and leadership skills. These skills translate into scalable leadership brands that get them recognized, respected, and rewarded for results. Felicia has been recognized as a Quiet Hero in the community for her philanthropic endeavors and was recently honored as a Woman of Excellence by the National Council of Negro Women. Felicia is the author of The Leadership Mastery Formula: Create an Authentic Brand that Gets You Noticed, Known & Called Upon! as well as several articles on leadership and personal branding. Surprisingly, she turned down an invitation to be on the Oprah Show and admits that she has an obsession with books, fashion, and gummy worms!