Lex Schroeder


Early career and mid-career. Media, publishing, and social justice organizations. Entrepreneurs, the LGBT community.

New York, NY

Profile Highlights:
Lex is a writer, editor, and speaker on the future of work. She facilitates gatherings on participatory leadership and teaches systems change through a gender equity lens. Lex was a member of Take The Lead’s Leadership team during its early startup years where she co-designed and built Take The Lead’s training program. As a former editor and strategist at The Lean Enterprise Institute, editor at The Berkana Institute, and media entrepreneur, Lex brings 10+ years of intentionally broad experience to her leadership development work. Lex has presented workshops or spoken the Yale Women in Leadership Conference, See Jane Do's Passion-Into-Action Conference, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her views on leadership have been featured in Fast Company. In 2015, Lex was selected by strategy + business magazine as one of ten thought leaders to map the history of management and distill important trends for the future of work. She help teams become more effective, resilient, and just in their everyday practice, improving organizational health and performance.