Maggie Castro-Stevens


Early career, mid-career, and top executives. Media, advertising, and entertainment. Latina community.

New York, NY

English, Spanish

Profile Highlights:
Maggie Castro-Stevens 25+ years experience in nonprofit and for-profit capacity building and training, having worked with organizations such as Amber Charter School, Exodus Transitional Community, and El Diario La Prensa. Maggie is AARP’s Associate State Director of the Enterprise Community Presence program where she’s responsible for all initiatives focused on the “go local strategy” as well as LIFE REIMAGINED, a program committed to helping people move toward their best lives. Maggie was the Chief of Staff for the Publisher & CEO of El Diario, the oldest Spanish language newspaper in the country, where she wrote a bi-weekly column, “Batalla de los Sexos” (Battle of the Sexes). As the proud mom of two successful young professionals, Maggie recognizes the importance of teaching her daughters to “stand in their power, walk with intention, and achieve their highest aspirations” in order to create good for themselves and others. Maggie is the proud grandmother of a beautiful baby boy and a graduate of Metropolitan College of New York and currently resides in Queens, NY.