Mary Collum


Mid-level career and top executives. Banking, wealth management, financial services.

Phoenix, AZ

Profile Highlights:
Mary supports women at mid-level and beyond. She has extensive experience breaking through internal and external barriers to advancement, particularly in the financial services industry.   She is passionate about, and committed to, working with women leaders throughout the United States.  Mary currently serves the financial sector as the founder of Vantage Strategic Consulting using her 25+ years of banking experience to provide strategic planning, execution of business initiatives, leadership round tables and training workshops.  As the inaugural female Regional Credit Manager and one of the founders of the Women’s Financial Group at National Bank of Arizona,  Mary has received many awards and commendations including Women Who Move the Valley and Most Influential Women in Business. She's one of only five women to hold a position on the Phoenix Country Club Executive Board of Directors in 115 years.  For Mary, diversity and elevating women in leadership has always been a priority.