Regina Huber


Early career, mid-career, and top executives. Diversity and inclusion.

New York, NY

English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Profile Highlights:
As a dancer and a transformational coach, Regina works with women to not only to own their power, but to find their “magnetic, confident presence,” from the stage to the board room, so they can bring out their best professional selves. Everything Regina does is in the service of freedom: the freedom to speak up and step into our role as leaders so that we can have a bigger impact in our communities and create more wealth for our companies, clients, and ourselves. Originally from Germany, Regina has 18+ years of international experience in corporate business, including 16 years with Boston Consulting Group. When she’s not running trainings with Take The Lead, she works as a Transformational Leadership Coach with individual clients and companies. She is the founder of Transform Your Performance, a frequent speaker on leadership, and a diversity advocate.