Sara Nett


Early career and mid-career. Public service and public policy, nonprofits, rural women, New American women, entrepreneurs, LGBTQ+ communities.

Mankato, MN

Profile Highlights:
Sara Nett is a community leadership development consultant, founder of Engage Consulting, LLC, and a Leadership Ambassador with the national nonprofit Take The Lead. Sara has a Bachelors Degree in Women’s Studies from MSU, Mankato, and has completed graduate course work in Public Administration at MSU, Mankato, in addition to being certified as a community organizer through the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education Program Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change. She is a practitioner of the social technologies and methods of the Art of Hosting and facilitates and harvests conversations that matter. Her professional experience includes for profit management; nonprofit family services program development, implementation and supervision; business ownership; community organizing; and business consulting. Originally from Burlington, ND, she now resides in Mankato, MN.