Shalini Sardana


Early-career and mid-career. Mothers re-entering the workforce. Design and technology

San Mateo, CA

English, Hindi

Profile Highlights:
Shalini is an experienced designer with a passion for social innovation. She pairs her leadership training with design thinking, a proven protocol for innovation and problem solving to help women redesign their personal and professional leadership trajectories, discover opportunities for growth and execute creative solutions for visible and invisible barriers. As an immigrant and social entrepreneur, issues of diversity and inclusion have personal resonance to her. Shalini has worked with the Mechanical Engineering Design Group at Stanford to apply design thinking methodologies to storytelling in order to improve product development processes. She also collaborates with the Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Studies. Shalini hold an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master’s in Fashion Design as well as Interaction Design. Having been educated and worked in both India and the US, she brings a unique perspective drawing upon two different cultural outlooks. This makes its way into her leadership training.