Modeling Collaboration, Take The Lead and Fem Inc. Share “Leadership Fictions”

Take The Lead cofounder Amy Litzenberger and I had the pleasure of joining Fem Inc. on a webchat recently on modeling collaboration.

FEM Inc. hosted the Google+ hangout with Take the Lead, discussing the topic of how leadership is represented in the media and its effects on women’s share of leadership positions across all sectors of society. Dr. Meghana Bhatt and Rachel Payne are the co-founders of FEM Inc. Rachel conducted the interview and wowed us with her ability to use various Google hangout features, while Meghana’s grasp of the research launched us into a spirited discussion of both the problems and the solutions.

For background on the topic of how media representations of women affect women’s leadership aspirations as well as their opportunities, check out the recent “Leadership Fictions” report published by a collaboration of our two groups.

PS. If you want to get some tips and tools about how to set those fictions straight in your own life and career, sign up for Take The Lead’s upcoming free webinar June 18.

About the Author

Gloria Feldt, Co-Founder and President of Take The Lead, is the author of No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power. She teaches "Women, Power, and Leadership" at Arizona State University and was named to Vanity Fair's Top 200 women Legends, Leaders, and Trailblazers.