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Redefining Our Views of "Power"

How comfortable are you with the power you have to improve your own working conditions, ask for a raise, sing your own praises, solve a challenging organizational issue or go after the promotion you deserve? As Gloria Feldt has found, too many people allow the authority they’re given to confine the power they actually have – powers of persuasion, persistence, creativity, disruption and the ability to form mutually beneficial alliances with others.

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2014: The Year You Get Out of Your Own Way

A year from now, looking back on 2014, what do you want this year to have been about?

I’d like to see us get out of our own way, get out ahead of the internal fears, “shoulds” and “what if’s” that too often hamstring our change-making efforts and distract from the tasks before us. With women so vastly underrepresented in our major institutions and poorly represented in media, we have plenty of things working against us. We don’t want to work against ourselves, too.

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