THANK YOU for Supporting Take The Lead and Gender Parity

I hope you’re having a marvelous holiday season. You are a gift to women and Take The Lead’s mission to prepare, develop, inspire, and propel women to reach leadership parity in all sectors by 2025.Imagine for one moment what the world will be like when we reach that goal—how much healthier and happier it will be for men, women, and society. No more need for women to say #metoo when men and women share equal power and leadership. More prosperous companies and better government. Equality. Justice. Fairness. Equal pay for equal work. Gender parity. What else is in your vision?Holding that vision is why I’m so proud to share just a few highlights of what Take The Leadaccomplished with your help in 2018 and ask for your year-end tax deductible contribution to make sure we can continue this work and increase its impact in 2019:

  • Delivered our intensive three-month 50 Women Can Change the World leadership programs to cohorts in three important sectors: nonprofits, media and entertainment, and healthcare. Developed programs for finance and journalism sectors to be launched early in 2019. Additional sectors in development include law, tech, and human resources. We created this strategy of creating powerful cohorts of women who gain the skills and intentions to accelerate their own leadership while together leading change in their industries or sectors because we found its results far superior to simply reaching large numbers of women with one-shot programs.

  • Delivered customized 9 Leadership Power Tools to Accelerate Your Career corporate trainings and presentations to companies such as BlackRock, RBC, SAP, and Universal Music and to professional associations such as Women in Derivatives and Iowa Women Lead Change.

  • Collaborated with partners like the Omega Institute, May Busch’s Career Kickstarter, Vision 2020, and 50/50 Day to scale and leverage the reach of our message with specialized workshops focusing on women’s individual Power Journeys, the role of men in advancing women’s leadership, and clarifying deepest values as leaders.

  • Produced 10 Virtual Happy Hours to inspire women with role models, including Nathalie Molina Nino celebrating her new book for entrepreneurs, Leapfrog, and Tiffany Dufu and her new mentoring venture The Cru.

  • Kept you up to date on news and views about women’s leadership via our award winning blog and Take The Lead This Week newsletter.

  • Peppered through the year were events, from an intimate dinner for young female leaders hosted by Loreen Arbus, the “Spirit of Seneca Falls” summer soiree hosted by artist Linda Stein in her gallery where we tried on feminist body armor, and a trio of incredible fundraising events to close out the year: in Los Angeles hosted by Michael Stars CEO Suzanne Lerner, in Phoenix hosted by Cause Collection founder Cheryl Najafi, and in New York the powerful matinee performance of “Gloria, a Life” of Gloria Steinem made sponsored by Take The Lead’s board chair Dr. Nancy O’Reilly. You can see the pictures here. Please tag and share away, and add photos you took if you were there!

My profound gratitude for your contributions to any of the events or programs I’ve mentioned above. If you have not yet made your gift for 2018, or if you have and are moved to make another, please click here to donate now.Your dollars have immense impact on the future for every woman and each woman and girl in your circle of love.Gloria Steinem and me with some of the 70 young women who attended the “Gloria, a Life” benefit (thanks to generous donors like you) and answering audience questions in the Talking Circle:What participants in 50 Women Can Change the World in Healthcare have to say (and yes, the plan is to do two healthcare sector  programs in 2019!):DONATEHERE TO TAKETHE LEAD so we can deliver more programs like this to accelerate women’s leadership equality and parity.Suzanne Lerner sponsored “Let’s Talk: Power, Pay, and Leadership” event at CAA in Los Angeles in support of Take The Lead. It’s almost overwhelming to look back at the year and realize how far we have come, how many people we reached, and how many women have elevated their intention and gained the confidence and skills to lead because of our programs. We’ve propelled with our training, developed with our mentoring and coaching, inspired with our role model programs, and propelled with our thought leadership content that changes the narrative from focus on problems to focus on solutions that work.I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do this noble work, and to you for your support and encouragement. Together, we will reach leadership parity by 2025—I have no doubt.Thank you and very best wishes for a healthy and Happy New Year!Warmest regards and no excuses,Gloria FeldtCo-founder and President, Take The Lead@GloriaFeldt

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