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Whether you’re a woman eyeing that CEO seat or a company realizing you can’t risk talent, profitability and competitive advantage walking out the door, tapping into the right solutions are the make-it or break-it for leadership success. Enter: Take The Lead. Click the path that’s right for you, and push the needle towards gender parity.

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Solutions For You

Own your power: Are you a woman ready to take ownership of your career and life while engaging with a vibrant, supportive community? If the answer is “Yes,” then up your game with 9 Leadership Power Tools courses, 50 Women Can Change the World programs, Virtual Happy Hours, leadership coaching and much more to help you power up and grab that C-suite. Yes go-getter, you deserve it! 

The Take The Lead teaches, mentors, coaches, invigorates and inspires women at every level. Listen to podcasts where industry insiders drop gems that elevate your life and career, learn to use what you’ve got by taking 9 Leadership Power Tools workshops or online courses, and click into monthly Virtual Happy Hours with trailblazing thought leaders like Carla Harris to discover the roadmap to leadership. Each experience, yours for the taking.

50 Women Can

Take The Lead’s 50 Women Can Change The World program provides women with the intention and skills to step into greater leadership roles and embrace their power to lead change in the culture of their professions.

9 Leadership Power Tools Workshops

Are you seeking to create a more fulfilling life and career? Get the full suite of benefits from our in-depth, in-person programs that fast-track your leadership and earning power. Choose from ready-to-use modules in a variety of learning formats to help you redefine, dive and immerse yourself in changemaking power.

COACHING services

Take The Lead’s trusted Leadership Ambassadors are skilled coaches and experts across diverse sectors.  Short term coaching on your Strategic Leadership Action Plan,  Longer term coaching, and budget conscious small group coaching are available to  meet your needs.

9 Leadership Power Tools online

Hone your leadership skills and crack the code that’s been holding you back from top leadership positions with 9 Leadership Power Tools online training — flexible, accessible and customizable.

“The insights and real-life experiences that Gloria brings to any discussion apply to women across all industries. Gloria shines a much needed light for women on their need to be intentional – whether it is career-based or in personal lives – to clearly voice intentions versus ambition. It’s a powerful message!”

—Peggy Huck, Vice President, Talent Management, Universal Music Group

Tools & Resources


Tune in to weekly podcasts that continue conversations started at Take The Lead’s monthly Virtual Happy Hours. Co-founder Gloria Feldt and co-host Reshma Gopaldas jnterview women leaders and guide you through an array of topics for personal and professional growth. Short on time? Check out Feldt’s solo, mini-podcasts for insider tips and career leadership advice.    

Virtual Happy Hour live Webchats

You bring the sips, we’ll bring the tools to accelerate your career. Each month, take a seat at the virtual table with a different luminary leader sharing topical wisdom and actionable guidance. You’ve got the power to lead an unlimited life, we’ll show you how to use it.  


Need a little inspiration? Continue your leadership journey with high-impact learning programs and a specially curated collection of books. This featured list will help you Take The Lead in your life and career!


Now you can power up on the go! Close the Gap App is a powerful tool that takes you on a guided deep dive into how to negotiate – anything. 

Whether you’re planning an HR training, corporate workshop, conference or networking event, Take The Lead’s custom solutions will add a power punch to your next event — regardless of budget, schedule, company or team size. Incorporating women’s leadership programs for gender diversity and inclusion will reinvigorate your commitment to gender parity at the C-suite level. Expect the best-of-the-best as certified Leadership Ambassadors mentor, coach, train and lead efforts that impact your company’s team and bottom line. 


Achieve parity: Looking to build a diverse and inclusive culture with gender-balanced leadership? Companies with the best track records for gender diversity, and for recruiting and retaining top performing female employees, address both systemic barriers and perceptions and skills gaps that create internal barriers. Our solutions include:

  • Custom trainings (in-person, online, or blended) and immediately actionable Leadership Power Tools skills enable women — from early and mid-career to executive levels — to embrace their power, elevate their leadership intentions, and create Strategic Leadership Action Plans that maximize the value they bring to the workplace. From inspiring keynotes to half-day workshops to the full 9 Leadership Power Tools curriculum, we deliver impactful custom designed programs for each client.

  • Male involvement – because we’re in this together. Gender Bilingual Communication workshops for men and women together or separately and workshops for men seeking to be more effective mentors and sponsors for women.

  • Consulting expertise to help assess and evolve your organization’s culture.

  • Coaching services to support any of the trainings.

  • Corporate, nonprofit, professional association, applies to any sector

results-driven training

The 9 Leadership Power Tools provide results-driven training that advances the women in your organization at every level — from emerging leaders to top executives. Take bold steps to develop and diversify your team by tapping into a continuum of women’s leadership trainings that include in-person, online and blended workshops. The choice is yours!

mentoring & coaching

Invest in women to power up your organization. Certified Leadership Ambassadors from diverse industries are skilled in executive coaching and will expertly guide your team through the 9 Leadership Power Tools. Building trust and confidence is paramount in helping women grab the golden ring of success at work, and this network of trainers possesses the business acumen and industry knowledge to help participants do just that.

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Schedule a call now to discuss how we can help you achieve your diversity, inclusion, and women’s leadership goals while enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

“Empower your invaluable women knowledge workers by hiring No Excuses author Gloria Feldt to speak to your executives, Board members, and high-performing women to crack the diversity and inclusivity nut American business has so far found to be as elusive as the creation of cold fusion.”

—Victoria Pynchon, principal—She Negotiates, attorney-mediator-arbitrator

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