Claim Your Piece of Powertopia on Take The Lead Day 11/14

Countdown to Powertopia begins now.The inaugural Take The Lead Day November 14 features a global day of engaging programming, networking, seminars and webinars from New York to California and  viewing parties from the across the U.S. to  Brazil to Ecuador.The New York Powertopia Symposium features a collective of powerful speakers, expert workshop presenters, thought-provoking panelists and influential artists for a day dedicated to advance women toward leadership parity across all sectors by 2025.Actress Kathleen Turner; Sara Maslin Nir of the New York Times: Natasha Alford, deputy editor and host of The Grio; Jewelle Bickford, co-chair of Paradigm for Parity; Michelle Herrera Mulligan, journalist and author; and Katie Orenstein, founder and CEO of The OpEd Project are all part of the Powertopia Symposium.[bctt tweet=“What can you do to be a part of #Powertopia?” #taketheleadday username=“takeleadwomen”]Workshops and webinars in Atlanta, Chicago, Mankato, Minn., Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Cal. and other cities cover a wider range of topics, including:Women in Healthcare Take The Lead: Virtual webinar hosted by Lisa Mead, R.N., M.S., Arizona Women in Healthcare, Take The Lead Leadership Ambassador. Women in Healthcare have particular challenges in taking on senior leadership roles, inhabiting those roles joyfully and leveraging their power in a positive and authentic way.Empowering Women to Lead: What Does it Take to Re-wire Your Mindset for Leadership and Success? Virtual webinar hosted by Jen Mazer— author, thought leader, and transformational coach. During this powerful discussion, Jen will help you up-level your mindset and your capacity for success in all areas of your life. She’ll guide you through a process to clear limiting beliefs in order to break through your personal glass ceiling.The P Word, a virtual webinar  with host Sara Nett of Engage Consulting in collaboration with Jenn Melby-Kelley, Mankato City Councilwoman. The P Word webinar will explore women’s relationship with power through an intersectional lens. Key take aways include a deeper understanding of the bases of power, and strategies for using our power to define terms that promote inclusive leadership in our organizations and communities.[bctt tweet=“NY #Powertopia features speakers, workshops, & panels dedicated to leadership parity” username=“takeleadwomen”]How 50 Women in Media and Entertainment Can Change The World, a virtual webinar led by Take The Lead Leadership Ambassador Tabby Biddle and Elisa Parker of the 50 Women Can Change the World in Media and Entertainment. Learn more about Take The Lead’s innovative, in-depth women’s leadership program that is flipping the script for women in media and entertainment.No, Bro: Strategies to Tackle Gender and Race Discrimination in Tech and Beyond is an in-person event in Chicago moderated by Michele Weldon, Take The Lead editorial director with panelists Laura Beth Nielsen, research Professor at the American Bar Foundation, and Professor of Sociology and Director of Legal Studies at Northwestern University and co-author of the new book, Rights on Trial: How Workplace Discrimination Perpetuates Inequality;  Inger Burnett-Zeigler, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Feinberg School of Medicine and Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University; Keisha Howard, founder of SugarGamers and founder of  The BlazeBreakers; Amy Guth, author and journalist host of talk radio on WGN Radio, president of Association for Women Journalists Chicago, Executive Director of the Chicago-based production company, Strangewaze, and co-founder of the podcast network, Yak Channel, as well as producer and director of a documentary series about online harassment.Take The Lead Day sponsors include American Express, Lyft, Bacardi, Intel, Galvanize, TimeWarner, Pearson, Carnegie Mellon and others. Learn more here at more about how you can work toward gender parity and fairness in leadership at Take The Lead Day November 14, a global day of action for leadership parity. Register for an event or host your own. Sign up and register here.