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The Diversity Divide: How Two Words Clash and so Do the Worlds They Represent

I can’t imagine that anyone would be surprised by this August 11, 2019 headline in the New York Times citing research that correlates hatred of women with mass shooters more consistently than any other characteristic. As the nation reels from the past week’s events, the evidence mounts that misogyny runs deep in the veins of disaffected men most likely to fit the profile of those who perpetrate acts such as last week’s mass murders in El Paso and Ohio.

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Big Little Work Lies: 5 Ways To Handle Untruths At Work

Lying about participation in a project. Lying about meeting a deadline. Lying about what was said or done at a conference. Lying about what is on a resume. Lying about feedback from a client. Unfortunately most all of us have run into not so pretty little liars in the workplace. Most of us lie two to three times every 10 minutes, according to a University of Massachusetts study

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Celebrate What Take The Lead Has Done For You Lately: 5 Years of Action For Parity

The power of Take The Lead’s mission is with the measurable outcomes and effects on all the thousands of you who have participated directly in events, programs, offerings and outreach for the last five years. Leading up to the 5th Year Anniversary Summer Silent Auction July 25, Take The Lead applauds all those

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