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3 Big Lessons From My First Season of the Take The Lead Women Podcast

Podcasts are so “in” —  everyone is on the bandwagon, according to reports. Big business are commercializing what started out as a homespun art. There’s a podcast for every interest and every taste. Women are great consumers of podcasts because we’re great multitaskers, always having multiple tabs metaphorically open in our brains.

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Experiencing Age Discrimination? Feeling Invisible? Try These Solutions.

Issue 103 — August 5, 2019 My friend Dede Thompson Bartlett is a very accomplished woman. Former Vice President of Corporate Affairs Programs for Altria and Corporate Secretary of Mobil Corporation and President of Mobil Foundation at a time when few women reached those heights, Dede has a powerful presence, as though she could walk into a corporate boardroom anywhere and go right to the head of the table.

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