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3 Big Lessons From My First Season of the Take The Lead Women Podcast

Podcasts are so “in” —  everyone is on the bandwagon, according to reports. Big business are commercializing what started out as a homespun art. There’s a podcast for every interest and every taste. Women are great consumers of podcasts because we’re great multitaskers, always having multiple tabs metaphorically open in our brains.

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Listen Up: Take The Lead Launches Weekly Podcasts To Offer Solutions

Sundays may be the traditional day of rest for some, but Sundays are now also the day to take time for yourself to listen, learn and continue building the career of your dreams. The newly launched Take The Lead Women Podcast with Gloria Feldt, co-founder and president of Take The Lead, is a free weekly foray into inspiration that will help listeners define their purpose, own their power and learn leadership secrets from a variety of guests, as well as Feldt.

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